Jay Will

Hi my name is Jay Williams (aka Jay Will).  I am from Queens, New York, where I live with my amazing family.  For as long as I can remember I have been on a journey of self-discovery, a persistent need to make myself better.  I have started this blog as a way to chronicle my story.  I am a self-described Professional Dream Chaser.

As a consultant I have worked with various individuals, businesses, churches and artists over the past few years;  coming up with game plans and providing follow through to help them reach their goals.  Whether it was helping people to lose weight and get fit or helping entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground, I am proud I was able to lend a hand.  I love helping people.  I love seeing people living out their dreams.  I love to help people  and businesses reach their fullest potential.

This site lives under the ethos of Aspire to Inspire but my personal motto is No Pressure, No Diamonds.  Even though diamonds can be manufactured in a lab nowadays, a real diamond is made out of coal, being under years of pressure.  It is this constant tension that makes something beautiful.  Our trials and tribulations turn us into diamonds.

Check out this motivational video I shot and if by the end of it you can truthfully answer YES to the question poised, then I ask that you join me on this journey of Becoming Beast.  Lets live up to our full potential.

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