September 11,  2013


To whom wants to succeed:


Have you ever set a very reasonable weight goal that seemed impossible to reach no matter what you did?  Throughout the past twenty five years I certainly have agonized with attaining what I consider to be my ideal weight.  In almost every other aspect of my life I have always considered myself to be successful woman, be it at school or work, failure has never been an option.  However, my weight and physique, two things which I have sole control over, defeated me over and over again.  I set goals and deadlines hundreds of times and failed each and every time.  That is until I met Jay.

I know Jay to be a very driven young man with an entrepreneurial mind, a person who exudes the potential of becoming very successful.  Fitness and nutrition happened to be one of his areas of expertise.  One day, through casual conversation regarding his own diet and exercise regimen, I told Jay about my twenty five year long struggle with weight loss and how I had been unable to overcome a very significant weight hurdle.  I was desperately longing to reach two weight goals.

For me it all began one bright sunny day in 1988 while in my seventh grade science class, our science teacher decided that we should all calculate what our weight would be on the moon.  She set a scale at the front of the classroom and we all lined up and stepped on the scale, as she quietly jotted down our weight.  I had always been among the taller more “developed” girls in my class, but I never expected what happened next.  When I stepped on the scale I heard Englebert, the pudgiest boy in class, say “Oh my God!  Belinda weighs 1-4-4!  My heart stopped.  I was mortified and I thought for sure that he could be heard all the way to the moon.  From that day forward I obsessed about my weight.

I started with “Get-Shape-Girl” an exercise program marketed to teen girls and continued all the way to “P-90”.  I also tried anything from the Cabbage Soup Diet to Weight Watchers, and everything in between.  I had tried all the crash diets, videos and gadgets to no avail.  On multiple occasions I came close to reaching my goal, but self sabotage would always send me right back to an all too familiar weight.  I cannot explain why it was so difficult to accomplish something that I had sole control over.

My weight yo-yo’d throughout the years as well.  My highest weight was in 1990, when I had ballooned up to over 180 lbs.  In the years that followed, 1-4-4,  what was once a horrific number, became my goal.  Ironic, but true.  Every time I started a new diet I thought to myself:   “I want to be 135 lbs. , but I would be happy if I could at least surpass the 144 lbs. hurdle.”  I came close many times, but I was never able to get past it.

Jay assured me that it was possible to achieve both of my goals.  He recorded my present weight and body measurements and determined how I could reach my goal weight in just five months.  Being the yo-yo diet & lack of exercise veteran that I am, I let Jay know that exercise was unlikely to happen.  I know myself and I know what kind of effort I can commit to.  Jay devised a perfect nutrition plan for me.  It allowed me to reach my goal without exercise, but he did emphasize that exercise could help me reach my goal faster and make me healthier in the process.

Guess what?  It worked!  I started in February and by July I had reached my first goal.  I was finally 143!  I wish the moon could hear that too.

How did Jay get me to do something that I could not do on my own?  ACCOUNTABILITY.  Jay asked me about my strengths and weaknesses concerning diet and exercise.  We set weekly goals and he held me accountable for my success.  When I was unable to meet my weekly goals he assessed what it was in either my diet or lifestyle was causing the set backs.  I stumbled many times throughout the process but Jay kept me pushing for my goal and empowered me with the feedback and motivational support that I needed to refrain from self sabotage.

With Jay’s help I have accomplished something that has refreshed my outlook on life and my capabilities.  Throughout the course of those five months I realized what I need to do and stop doing to get the results that I seek.

Apart from being a great fitness and nutritional trainer Jay is an inspiration because through observing his own discipline and dedication to his personal fitness and entrepreneurial ventures I have been motivated to press forward and accomplish my own endeavors.

I have referred friends to Jay and they too have seen results.  Now I recommend Jay to you.  If there is a personal fitness or professional goal that you are trying to reach, Jay is your guy.

I am also inviting you to stay tuned, because I plan to embark on phase two, to achieve my ultimate goal of 135 by January 2014.  I know four months sounds like a long time, but it is  relatively nothing in comparison to twenty five years. Furthermore, now I am convinced that I really can do it.

Thanks Jay!

Belinda P.