Have you ever felt cluttered upstairs in your brain or your thinking process just keeps creating ideas but not making clarity of anything?

Well that’s what my brain does from time to time.  It is so frustrating.  Whether it’s getting my nonprofit started or to lose weight or even to write my book that I’ve been procrastinating on for over 10 years.  Yes I said 10 years!  I am not an organized person, and I tend to rush my blessings, as well as my life.  I needed clarity and I needed it quick!

If I continued like this, my life would be a disaster.  I would never have order in life.  My love life would be a mess, my social life would be a mess, and I would be emotionally damaged.  I needed someone to help me badly and I decided to turn to my friend Jay.  Jay seems to be one of the voices that my brain seems to process and take in.  So after telling him all of my goals, he sat down with me and had me write them in order, from most important to least priority.  We then attacked each, one by one.  This truly helped me out so much.

You see Jay is also a fitness trainer.  So I was able to use him as my fitness trainer and not just only get my mind in great shape, but my body as well.  So not only is he a great mentor to me he is a great fitness guru.  Who would have known the answer to all my problems would be Jay.  Not to mention is his fees are very reasonable.  I don’t make a lot of money and most companies that provide the same services as Jay charge a hefty price.  Working with Jay has not only kept my ideas in order, and my health in control, but it has also kept my finances in control.

I am so glad he was there for me when I needed him, because if he wasn’t, I don’t know what kind of havoc my life would be in now.  So thanks Jay, thanks a lot.

Marcia R.